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Greetings to YSU Supporters:

Thank you for visiting the DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website page. The DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website is designed to provide you as a supporter of Youth Sports University with a safe online shopping environment that makes it quick and easy for you to purchase travel and lifestyle services/products for yourself or a gift for a family member or friend.  Please click on the following link to be forward to the DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website.

As a support of Youth Sports University, we are asking you to use this online shopping travel and lifestyle website as an innovative way to purchase products/services and assist us in our fundraising efforts to generate funds. These funds will be used to help augment and support our budgetary requirements as an organization so that we can continue to provide quality services to the communities that we serve globally; especially our youth. 

Just to reiterate, a percentage of the funds that are purchased through the DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website are donated to Youth Sports University. Please CLICK HERE to be forward to the DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website. Please plan your next travel and vacation experience and purchase your lifestyle products today. 

Your enthusiasm to monetarily invest in Youth Sports University in order for us to provide quality classes courses, programs, forums and events to the populations we serve will make a significant difference and is seriously appreciated. Therefore, Youth Sports University relies a great deal on the generosity of our supporters and partners by supporting and shopping at the DuVi Travel and Lifestyle Private Club website.  

Thank you again for supporting Youth Sports University and "Giving Light To GenerationFuture and the World".

About Youth Sports University

Youth Sports University (YSU) is a relevant comprehensive youth organization simulating a "University" designed to educate, elevate, empower, encourage, energize, engage, enrich, equip, and expand today's scholar-athletes, parent, athletics directors, coaches counselors, administrators, and adult, sports leaders at large.

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