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The Purpose

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive sports and educational seminars, Webcasts, podcasts, regular media avenues, social media, internet TV, and white papers for scholar-athletes, parents, athletics directors, coaches, counselors, and administrators on a holistic scale comprised similar training concepts and practices of sports and education organizations, Dale Carnegie Training, America Management Association, Franklin Covey, Wilson Learning, and the Center for Creative Leadership that meet today’s challenges and opportunities.    

The Goal

The goal of Youth Sports University is to reach over 100,000 scholar-athletes, parents, athletics directors, coaches, counselors, and administrators by 2025 via live seminars, conferences, events, Webcasts, podcasts, media outlets including social media, internet TV, website, and white papers.

Core Values 

The core values that govern the growth, development and future of Youth Sports University include:

  • Operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards in all relationships with students, parents, volunteers, corporate sponsors, patrons, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  • Fostering a learning environment of creativity, innovation and customer service satisfaction amongst the Youth Sports University Team, and aggressively pursuing a high standard of excellence and superior quality in all we do.  

A true leader exhibits a clear, realistic vision for the future. That person can generate a compelling vision that inspires others.

About Youth Sports University

Youth Sports University (YSU) is a relevant comprehensive youth organization simulating a "University" designed to educate, elevate, empower, encourage, energize, engage, enrich, equip, and expand today's scholar-athletes, parent, athletics directors, coaches counselors, administrators, and adult, sports leaders at large.

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