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The answers we offer in our classes, workshops, and conferences are relevant, precise, definable and transferable, and provide simple, applicable, relevant-based steps for implementation.U.S Department About Children


  • Business
  • Employability
  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Investments
  • College Planning
  • Personal Growth
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ministry


 Creating Your Mission Statement 

In a world in which we are daily forced to make decisions that lead us either closer to or further from our goals, no tool is as valuable in providing direction as a mission statement – a brief, succinct, and focused statement of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all of life’s activities. People or groups with carefully defined missions have always led and surpassed those who have none. In this course, you will be guided through every step of both defining and fulfilling a mission.


Money by Design 

Unlike most financial curricula on the market today that are built around the “debt reduction” philosophy, which states that the only way to change your financial situation is to decrease your expenditures and debt, Money by Design introduces another solution: Increase your income! In this course you will learn the 12 laws of wealth creation; the difference between riches and long-lasting wealth; how individuals have prospered throughout history; and the gates of societal influence. The overriding objective is to empower individuals toward financial success by providing proper education, established key principles and developing new concepts. If you allow the principles of this course to saturate your mind and heart, your life will be changed! 


Developing the Leader Within

This course is designed to help you develop the attitudes, skills and character traits you will need to become the leader you have called you to be. You may need to establish new patterns of thought and action, and break old habits that have been keeping you back. If you truly devote yourself to the requirements of this course, you will be a more effective and successful leader at the end of it.


Start & Succeed in Your Own Business 

Millions of people have left the security of a regular paycheck from someone else to strike out on their own and fulfill their dreams. If you would like to join this courageous group, this course will teach you what you need to know to get started. Detailed instruction will be given in how to write a business plan, how to diagnose your competitive situations with reference to market, technological, and economic conditions, and set realistic production, revenue, and operating goals.


Anatomy of a Business Plan 

The business that fails to plan, plans to fail. If you want to grow your business, you need an effective, up-to-date business plan. It is your key to start-up, maintaining growth, accessing financing and keeping on track. You’ll get a blueprint to steer your company to success and access to capital from lenders and investors. This course is extremely practical, thorough, and easy to understand.


New Trends in Management 

Everyone manages someone, whether you are a business person or a homemaker. We have discovered twenty key principles for effective management. These are being used by the most successful corporations around the world.


Recordkeeping for the Small Busines

The keeping of accurate records is imperative if you are going to succeed at business. This course is designed for those who are starting from scratch and know nothing about the recordkeeping process. By the time you have finished applying the principles taught in the course, you will understand how all of the pieces fit together to develop a simple but accurate set of books that will help you see the trends that are taking place within your operation and provide you with income tax information that can be easily retrieved and verified.


Creative Problem Solving 

Talent-born creativity is no accident; it requires purposeful activity. This study will open the doors of your understanding so that your creativity can flow through you continuously in ways such as you may have only dreamed. 


Cornerstones of Communication 

Communication is the center of all relationships, yet most of us are untaught in the dynamics of great communication skills. This course will teach you these skills. With practice, every relationship you enter into will be much more effective, including relationships with your family and friends. Give yourself the gift of outstanding communication skills.


Apprenticed to Leadership 

Mentoring or apprenticeship is one way to experience hands-on training. In this course, we will explore the mentoring relationship from both sides: as an apprentice who is learning from a leader and as a leader who is developing his team. (It is possible and beneficial to be in both positions at the same time – continuing to grow and learn from those who are ahead of us while leading and developing others into their potential.) We will discuss what is involved in a good mentoring relationship, responsibilities of the mentor and the apprentice, how one enters and terminates such relationships, and very practical steps for developing leaders who will stand with you, help carry your load, and continue your vision after you are gone. “There is no success without a successor.”


Visionary Leadership

In this course, you will explore the three categories of strengths behind leadership techniques: the strength of self-mastery, the strength of action, and the strength of relationships. You will learn a plan to heighten your awareness level in each category and to assist you in the process of mastering them all, which is necessary for you to become an empowered leader in this millennium.


Ethical Essential

This course will help you examine the field of network (multi-level, direct consumer) marketing. You will learn how to choose the best company for you to work with, and how to build an ethical essential business. 

Listed below you will find other classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences offered by Youth Business University:

  • Business Writing Made Simple
  • Powerful and Persuasive Business Proposals
  • 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience
  • 11 Laws of Likability
  • Gifted to Succeed 
  • Handbook of Business Documents
  • Handbook of Business Letters
  • Take Charge of Your Health 


Fulfill Your Financial Destiny 

  • Creative Writing I 

  • Black Belt Negotiating
  • Corporate Conversations
  • Elements of Influence
  • How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations
  • Just Listen
  • Lead with a Story
  • Leader as Communicator
  • People Styles at Work...And Beyond
  • Questions That Sell
  • Building Dynamic Teams 
  • Critical Thinking
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure
  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Decision Making: Getting It Right
  • Strategy Execution: Getting It Done
  • Mastering Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Becoming Indispensable: Transforming into a Game Changer
  • Career Planning
  • GRIT: What Successful People Have in Common
  • Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Understanding and Applying the MBTI® Assessment
  • Confidence-Building Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Creativity and Innovation: Unleash Your Potential for Greater Success
  • Internal Consulting Skills
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence
  • Taking On Greater Responsibility: Step-Up Skills for Non-Managers
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Coping with Stress
  • Managing Your Professional Image and Building a Personal Brand
  • Selling Ideas
  • Success Skills for the Next Generation
  • The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
  • Time Management
  • How to Manage Time, Meetings and Stress
  • Organizing Your Time and Priorities
  • Doing it All: How to Stay Focused and Engaged
  • Secrets to Boosting Productivity
  • Building Better Work Relationships: New Techniques for Results-Oriented Communication
  • Communicating Across Generations: Bridging the Gap
  • Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization
  • Getting Results Without Authority
  • How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility
  • Responding to Conflict: Strategies for Improved Communication
  • Developing Effective Business Conversation Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Developing Effective Business Conversation Skills
  • Developing Your Interpersonal and Cooperation Skills
  • Developing Your Negotiating Skills
  • Establishing Positive Relationships and Ending Conflict
  • How to Be a Successful Manager as an Introvert
  • Improving Your Assertiveness and Leadership Skills
  • Moving Ahead: Breaking Behavior Patterns That Hold You Back
  • Professional Communication: Transforming Client Challenges Into Successes
  • The Effective Facilitator: Maximizing Involvement and Results
  • The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone
  • Leader as Teacher: Helping People Learn and Grow
  • Managing the Unmanageable: Tough People. Tough Situations
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • SharePoint 2013 for Project Management
  • Global Supply Chain Management: Best Practices in Import and Export Operations
  • Design and Development for Live Online Delivery
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Developing Executive Leadership
  • Preparing for Leadership: What it Takes to Take the Lead
  • The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results
  • Coaching from a Distance: Developing Your Team When You Can't Be Face to Face
  • Management Skills for New Managers
  • Management Skills for New Supervisors
  • Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader
  • Successfully Managing People
  • Management and Leadership Essentials
  • Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success
  • Content Marketing
  • High-Impact Email Marketing
  • Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
  • Essentials of Project Management for the Nonproject Manager
  • Requirements Development, Documentation, and Management
  • Fundamental Selling Techniques for the New or Prospective Salesperson
  • Customer Retention
  • Franklin Covey Comprehensive Sales Performance Workshop
  • Sales Success Utilizing Social Media
  • The Virtual Trainer: Success Strategies for Facilitating Live Online Training

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